Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Awesome Amazon Author Page

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I've been a published writer for many years. However, none of my books had ever been listed by the publisher on and I didn't have an Amazon Author Page.
This past week my book Mums the Word: Secrets to Growing Chrysanthemums for Home and Show was listed on by G8Press. That was amazing enough. But because a book I wrote was now listed on, I was offered the opportunity to fill in an Author Central Profile by linking to the awesome Amazon Author Central page.  

I had no idea about what type of content I could add to my author page through the Amazon Author Central connection when I clicked on the author page link.

I was overwhelmed, and then ecstatic when I realized the types of material I could add to my author page and delighted to discover how easy it would be for customers to learn about me through this free marketing tool. 

I started first by filling out the biography section on the Author Central Profile page. No word limit was set on the length of my biography, so I included some personal history, a blurb about my latest book, and a list of magazine publishers and publishing companies that had printed my articles and devotionals. I realized that if my biography was too long, no one would read it. So I had to control myself. 

The Amazon Author Central program allowed me to upload eight pictures for my author page. I chose to upload pictures of the cover of my Mums the Word book and others taken during trips to some of my favorite places, like the Sea of Galilee, Turkey, Hungary, Jordan, Yosemite, and a Chicken Soup for the Soul sponsored luncheon. I can change my pictures at any time. 

Blog Feed
I added the link to my blog. My latest blog posts can now be read on my amazon author page and my new blog posts are automatically added to it. I am hoping I'll have more blog readers and followers through this blog feed. 

Twitter Feed
I was able to add my Twitter feed to my amazon author page. 

The Amazon Author Central program also allows me to unload videos on my author page. This gave me the opportunity to upload videos on my computer that demonstrate how to grow mums for show competitions and include information further explained in Mums the Word. How cool is that! 

Managing My Events
I can add events in which I am involved in this section of my author page. I added the time and place of the next Descanso Chrysanthemum Society meeting to this page. If I were having book signings or radio interviews I could also list those in this section. 

Special Feature on My Amazon Author Page
It seems impossible. Like a dream come true. I was able to list every compilation book that includes one of my articles on my Amazon Author Page. I did have to authenticate that an article of mine was included in every compilation book with an amazon consultant. 

My Favorite Amazon Author Page Feature
Because I now have published a book customers can buy on, every book I published in the past is also listed on my page. The Amazon Author Central program didn't care if my books were published by well-known publishers, small publishers, or were self-published.
There's no doubt in my mind. The Amazon Author page is the best free marketing tool around. Follow this link to see what it did for me:

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Debby Alten said...

This is very informative Pat. Other newbie authors, though you really aren't a newbie, can benefit from this info.