Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Possible Endorsers for My Book Proposal

 I recently had a brand new, fear-producing, proposal-writing assignment. This new demand appeared toward the end of writing the book proposal for my latest project. “No, you can’t skip this requirement,” my agent said. “Your  proposal needs to include the names of possible endorsers.
She confirmed that I couldn’t go to and pull endorser names off the best-seller list. “The proposal needs to include an endorser list of influential people in your own network. I suggest you begin your list with published authors who are experts you can connect to your book’s topic.”

Then came the words I feared: “You should seek permission to include their names before you submit your proposal. Then in your proposal state that your list of possible endorsers were contacted and are willing to read and endorse your book after it is contracted.”       

Talk about embarrassing! It seemed to me like the task could demand an infringement on my friendship with other authors. I wanted to approach this task delicately, so I asked my agent, “How many possible endorsers to I need?”

“Your proposal needs to include at least five possible endorsers. You can have more than that.”
“May I have as many as twenty?”

 “Nothing wrong with trying for twenty. You will need to provide the name, title, organization or company, and credentials for each one. And it’s important to share how your relationship with each person developed. It is okay to contact possible endorsers by email.”

So I put together a list of twenty possible endorsers and then made an outline of the information I would include in the requesting an endorsement email:

  • ·         An opening sentence that acknowledges how we are acquainted
  • ·         Tell how he/she influenced my writing career in the past
  • ·         A short description of my new book
  • ·         A request for he/she to be a possible endorser of my book
  • ·         If the answer is yes, to please send me a short bio
Afterwards I regularly searched my email for their responses. To my amazement, within a week fourteen said yes! One of them commented that she had been asked to write reviews for authors, but never an endorsement, and she was excited about that possibility.

My possible endorsers' list has been tucked into the Endorsement section of the proposal. Now to find a publisher! Hopefully that will be a subject for a future blog.

Written by a Relieved and Happy Author


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